Basketblog Magazine 3: interview with Ben Osborne, SLAM editor-in-chief

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As is well known, since last July 31 is available for free download number 3 of the Basketblog Magazine. A special edition with everything that happened throughout the 2010-2011 season, reviewing all the highlights from last course. Besides all that left us the most important competitions, we also have interviews with people from some of the most important sources about basketball.

Today we bring you the first of these interviews included in No. 3 Basketblog Magazine, which gave us Ben Osborne, SLAM editor-in-chief. This magazine is one of the major references in the basketball world, with over 17 years of life and 150 issues published, which have always boasted of offering a particular point of view. These are his impressions about the 2010-2011 season in the United States.

Ben Osborne, SLAM editor-in-chief

What has it been the most noticeable fact from last season in NBA?

The story of the season was LeBron James and the Heat. Some people loved them, most people hated them. But most of all, they paid attention. Attendance whenever they played on the road was huge and the TV ratings were incredible. They were the biggest story of the year.

The most surprising?

I think the Bulls’ success was the most surprising. Yes, Derrick Rose is amazing. But to win 62 games while having so many injuries and basically not having an off-guard is amazing. It’s a credit to Rose and Coach Tom Thibodeau for getting them to play so hard every night out.

The most dissapointing?

Overall it was the constant talk of a lockout, which overshadowed how great the games were. On the court, maybe the Magic. A lot of people felt they were real title contenders and then they couldn’t even get past the Hawks in the Playoffs.

What do you think about the NBA Champions? What has it been different with Dallas?

I definitely thought the Heat would win. The keys for Dallas were defense and coaching. I mean, they got some great offensive play from Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry, but that’s nothing new. The newness was having Tyson Chandler holding things down in the middle and Coach Rick Carlisle and his assistant Dwane Casey devising such good gameplans to shut down high-powered teams like the Lakers and then the Heat.

Most of the powerful teams in NBA are getting really old (Boston, Lakers, even the Mavericks), ¿which teams do you think that will be fighting to be the next monarchy in the league?

Boston is definitely in big trouble. If the Lakers can somehow get Dwight Howard they will be great for a few more years. And yes, the Mavs don’t have a lot of time left. Besides the Heat, the most promising teams are probably the Thunder and the Bulls, though the Bulls REALLY need a scoring guard.

Who is the man of the year in USA basketball?

Gotta be Kevin Durant after the way he played in the World Championships in Turkey. Especially after everyone from USA Basketball to Nike spent so much time and money saying he’d be the man. He didn’t get affected by the pressure at all.

The lockout is here, ¿how do you think that it could affect fans, players and NBA? ¿what do you think about the way that the NBA and the players are managing the conversations?

The lockout is now here! And it stinks. I hate the way it’s being handled by the owners. They need to settle their own differences regarding revenue sharing and creative ways to keep small-market teams viable before they ask the players for so many concessions. Basketball is the best sport in the world and the NBA is a very fun League to follow, so I’m sure eventually fans will forgive and come back like always, but at the moment it is a horrible thing for the League, its players and its fans.

SLAM is one of the main sources about NCAA and high school, ¿what do you expect from the 2011 Draft players? ¿can Kyrie Irving be the next Chris Paul? ¿can Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette success in NBA?

Like many observers, I was not real high on the Draft. I think Kyrie will be a very nice NBA point guard as far as getting in the lane, but I don’t think he’ll be as good as Chris Paul. CP3 is a unique competitor with a very strong upper-body. I think Kemba and Jimmer will be able to score in the NBA, but they will have a lot of trouble on defense. I don’t think either will be all-stars.

For last, every year you made a review of the best prospects from high school, ¿what players are you looking forward to see in the NBA?

Yes, we love following the high school game. First of all, one of the reasons this Draft was so bad was because of all the great kids who stayed in college. Then consider the fact that this year’s high school seniors were probably the best class of high school players since 2007. So…the 2012 Draft could be absolutely amazing! Who exactly am I most looking forward to? I’ll give you five: Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, Quincy Miller (SLAM’s HS diarist this past season), Michael Gilchrist and Brad Beal.